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SAN JOSE, CA - JANUARY 28: Musician Eddie Money performs on stage during the iHeart80s Party 2017 at SAP Center on January 28, 2017 in San Jose, California.

Eddie Money‘s former drummer’s lawsuit against the singer will go on after Money lost a California state court motion to dismiss some of the claims.

Glenn Symmonds, who’s been playing drums for Money since 1974, is suing Money for unlawful termination “because of his age and physical disabilities stemming from bladder cancer and back injury,” and for sexually harassing his fiancé.

The trial is slated for November, and Money’s motion sought to dismiss some of Symmonds’ claims; Money has them claims “downright evil” and his attorney Dina LaHolt said he plans to appeal the court decision about the motion, issuing a statement that says:

“Last I checked, this was still America and artists have the right to decide who plays in their faceless back-up band. To force well-respected, seasoned artists to retain specific support musicians would strike an unacceptable blow to artistic integrity and we will not stand for it. Eddie is fighting for the rights of all musicians to have the freedom to choose how they want to express themselves. Glenn Symmonds showed his true colors: he is a vindictive, ungrateful and awful person. That is why Eddie chose not have him back.”

The court did, however, grant Money’s request to limit the amount of information that will be made public from depositions for both the singer and his wife.

Symmonds’ camp, meanwhile, issued a mocking statement counter that “Money truly has ‘No Control.’ ‘Trouble’ has become his adopted middle name, and he’s about to take ‘The Big Crash.’ He’s been running with the devil, losing control everywhere, and is no longer in any position to buy ‘Two Tickets to Paradise.’ Money does not ‘Walk on Water’ —  he is no angel, and has made a number of illegal moves he will soon regret. Money should ‘Think Twice’ about what he has done in regards to his relationship with Symmonds and his finance (Tami) Landrum. It’s just a matter of time before he’ll be ‘Shakin” and found guilty. But ‘Don’t Worry’ —  as Glenn Symmonds knows, you ‘Can’t Keep a Good Man Down.'”


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