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PHILADELPHIA - JULY 3: Actor Ralph Archibald, portraying Ben Franklin, reacts during the start of the one year countdown of the grand opening of the National Constitution Center (NCC) July 3, 2002, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The American flag shaped hot air balloon, which is 53 feet tall and weighs 1,500 pounds, will travel across the country with the official NCC flag, and return to the National Constitution Center on Flag Day 2003. The National Constitution Center is scheduled to open July 4, 2003. (Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images)

Here are some random facts for you to impress your frineds, win some bets, or lull someone to sleep:

1. Thomas Jefferson was chosen to write the Declaration of Independence over Benjamin Franklin, because the other members of the committee were afraid Franklin would sneak in a joke.

2.  The surface area of the five Great Lakes combined is roughly the same size as the entire United Kingdom.

3.  There’s a fake McDonald’s in City of Industry, in southern California, that’s just used for filming.  Most of the McDonald’s ads you’ve seen were shot in that building.

4. You produce enough saliva every day to fill a wine bottle, and enough over the course of your lifetime to fill up 53 bathtubs.

5.   The best way to avoid going bald is – castration.  As long as you have your testes removed BEFORE you start going bald, you won’t lose your hair.  If you get them removed after you start losing hair, you won’t grow back what you lost. YIKES!!