Christopher Polk / Staff

Adam Lambert KILLS With Queen At T-Mobile Arena

The Queen show at T-Mobile this past weekend was just awesome. Adam Lambert commanded the stage with humility, grace, and one hell of a voice! That boy has a range even Freddie would give a nod to, and an ability to control his voice that Freddie might even envy. Of course, Adam isn't the showman that Freddie was, but he doesn't pretend to be. Adam's humility about being on stage with Queen was nothing short of touching.

This is what he said after thanking the crowd for being there:

"We've been doing this for five years now. And every time I get on stage with these guys, I wonder, is this a dream?...I know some of you tonight bought your tickets and thought 'well he's no Freddie Mercury'. You're right! I can only hope to aspire to the level of artistry he brought to you. I'm a fan just like you, except I'm up here in a pink f-ing suit! Thank you for giving me a chance tonight."

In all honesty, the first part of the show felt a little like watching a (really good) cover band, since the voice obviously wasn't Freddie's. But Adam is truly brilliant in how he stays true to the Queen sound while adding just enough of his own style. He is so charming and his voice is so amazing, it really didn't take long to love what people are calling "the new sound of Queen".

Here's some video of the concert. Throughout the show, Adam played the lead role perfectly. He let his personality and talent shine, but never once acted like he was trying to replace Freddie. The whole show was practically a tribute to the late star.

There were several moments when concert footage of Freddie was played on the screen behind Queen. A constant reminder that Freddie will not be forgotten. This was their finale (not counting the encore, of course).

Loved Adam's playfulness during this one. And this shows how much Brian May is still rocking, at 69 years old.

Whenever you go to a concert, you hope there is that moment of connection. With the singer and with the rest of the fans. This was that moment at T-Mobile, during the encore when the whole crowd was singing and swaying to We Are The Champions.

Truly a great show. Thanks, guys! Until next time!

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