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It may be “The End” of Black Sabbath, but the metal legends have yet to stop with new releases.

On September 29, fans can get their hands on The Ten Year War, a vinyl box set of all eight Sabbath albums featuring Ozzy Osbourne before his solo career pressed on multi-colored vinyl.

Special extras include a wearable Sabbath crucifix USB stick that contains files of all eight albums, the rare “Ten Year War” brochure published by the band as a way to make fun of the music critics that had slammed them over the years, two rare 7” singles and more all housed in a special designed box featuring artwork by Shepard Fairey.

The set is currently available for pre-order at TenYearWar.com.

Black Sabbath

'The Ten Year War' limited edition vinyl box set, bringing together Black Sabbath's eight Ozzy fronted albums, plus a swathe of other rarities, all housed within exclusive artwork created by renowned...



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