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Here’s Why Peter Cetera Wasn’t Inducted Into Songwriters HOF with Robert Lamm, James Pankow

The Songwriters Hall of Fame induction ceremony took place last night (June 15), and primary Chicago songwriters, Robert Lamm, James Pankow and Peter Cetera, were all supposed to be inducted.

However, Cetera was not honored during the ceremony.  Why?  According to an interview with, Cetera already had a tour date scheduled for last night when he found out about the induction and had to decline attending the ceremony, however, there’s apparently a rule at the SHOF where if you don’t attend the ceremony, you don’t get inducted.

Coincidently, Jay Z, the first rapper to be inducted into the SHOF, was slated to attend the ceremony but skipped at the last minute but was still inducted.  The speculation around the skip points to the fact that Jay Z’s wife, music superstar/goddess Beyonce, may have given birth to twins, but nothing has been confirmed.

While you can’t help when someone goes into labor, it also doesn’t seem right that Cetera would’ve had to alter his touring schedule in order to receive the honor.

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