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Ever have one of those days when your hair was just driving you crazy? Wendy couldn’t find a bobby pin this morning, so she did the obvious thing: she dumped the bag. After spreading the contents on the counter, she snapped this photo. Two bottles of hairspray, three combs, three containers of mints (all open), three guitar picks, even birthday candles! But alas, not one bobby pin.

(photo credit: Wendy Rush)

However, there was one random item that made for a pretty fun prop in the office. Can you see it?

Yep. It’s the fuzzy mustache. Cause…you know…you never know when you’ll need one…at work.

Mike O’Brian was gracious enough to stop his actual work to don the fuzzy ‘stache.   Wendy Rush, always needing to be different, took the unibrow approach.   Jeff Anderson actually looks pretty decent with…well, hair.

 And of course, Bob Bishop doesn’t appreciate the shenanigans.

What’s the most random thing you’ve found in your purse?