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Is Steve Perry Performing With Journey???

This is SO has been said that Steve Perry will be at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony on Friday, to join his former band mates for induction into the Hall of Fame. When he heard the news of the induction, Perry posted on his website, saying he's grateful for the honor. Beyond that, Perry has literally stayed dead silent about anything else, including whether or not he'll perform the three songs after they receive their award.

So, essentially, Journey's current front man, Arnel Pineda, is preparing to perform with the band, but since Perry will be there, it really could come down to whether or not he feels like it in the moment. What do you think? I think the momentum of the night is going to inspire Perry to get out of his chair and get onstage. He CAN'T resist being caught up in that wave of nostalgia. Can he? This music is in the man's veins! He just needs to be around that energy again. Man, this is going to be one exciting night of music!! People are so highly-anticipating a reunion that both the induction ceremony in New York and a simulcast at the the Rock Hall in Cleveland are sold out. Ahh we can't wait!!

Watch the show (and tweet with us @kklz963) when it airs on HBO on Saturday, April 29th!

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