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William Shatner: Good Actor... Or Best Actor?

Shatnering should be an olympic sport, given how much effort goes into over acting.

We love William Shatner. And part of that reason is because we know even William Shatner knows he's kind of ridiculous. The man is now 86 years of age, and shows no sign of slowing down his Shatnerisms.

So, in honor of the man's birthday, here are some of the best Shatner moments we could muster up. Try not to snort so hard while laughing.


Captain Kirk loses command... and possibly his mind.

Shatner at His Finest!

"I'm losing command!" In this brilliant example of the William Shatner school of acting, Captain Kirk faces his fears as he and Mr Spock share a personal moment in the elevator.



When Shatner Goes 'Rocket Man'

William Shatner "Sings" 'Rocket Man' (1978) - BEST QUALITY!

From The Science Fiction Film Awards, William Shatner's unforgettable performance of Elton John's "Rocket Man". Includes Karen Black's introduction of Bernie Taupin, and Taupin's introduction of Shatner. Rock-It, Man... 🙂 This aired on local Chicago TV on Friday, January 20th 1978.



Or, That Time Captain Kirk Was Climbing A Mountain, Why Is He Climbing A Mountain?

Shatner Of The Mount by Fall On Your Sword

The offical single, Captain Of The Mount is now available at the iTunes store. Captain Kirk is climbing a mountain, why is he climbing a mountain? Official single "Captain Of The Mount" now available at the iTunes store



Denny Crane, The Lawyer Who Knew His Name

Denny Crane Montage

Denny Crane Scenes from The Practice, Season 8 All Credits go to Imamess of JSMP for compiling the video and William Shatner and James Spader for making a fantastic TV Show. See for more


Or when William Shatner crashed the CMAs dressed as a Star Wars Storm Trooper... Captain Kirk... As A Storm Trooper

William Shatner on CMAs

Uploaded by Daphne Saxton on 2015-11-05.


Or When Shatner Sings WWE Entrance Songs

William Shatner Sings WWE Entrance Themes

Hilarious skit from WWE Monday Night RAW when William Shatner guest hosted on Monday, February 1, 2K10.


Or When He Played The Doting Dad So Good That The Commercial Got Banned

Banned Priceline ad, William Shatner, Kaley Cuoco

Longer alternate version of Priceline ad that was not broadcast due to disturbing scene (later revealed as a dream) of a guy falling to his death and hitting the pavement. The shorter approved broadcast version had him falling into a swimming pool. Enjoy. -------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: I do not own this clip.


But finally...

Star Trek Kahn Kaaaaan!

Captain Kirk gives that famous scream Kaaaaan. For those Trekers out there boy do we remember this one. Go on Kirk. Thanks to channel: IQuip4U


Happy Birthday, Shatnerino. Keep Silly.



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