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Meet the Dribble King

Think dribbling a basketball is easy? Leon Walraven just smashed the world record for most basketball dribbles in a minute.  It used to be 444, but he did it in 609.  Here's what it looks and sounds like when someone dribbles a basketball 10 times per second.  The video is a little mesmerizing. For a…

The "Boss" Living In Pain!

Is Bruce Springsteen living in constant pain? "American Idol" desperate for judges, guess what is the best selling MP3 right now...and much more in this edition of Carla's "Cheap, Trashy, Chatty" entertainment news!  

A Bull, Werewolf, & Gorilla Walk Into A Walmart!

Three friends walk into a Walmart wearing costumes, these are things we might do from behind the wheel that bother other drivers, a guy drives himself to the hospital with a nail in his chest and plenty of other weird, wild, wacky stories in Mike & Carla's "Other News"!