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4 months ago

Proof That Animals Love Music As Much As We Do

A man was playing some music to see what the reaction would be for a group of elephants and the result is priceless. Check out the elephant who’s shaking his booty!


6 months ago

You Need A Reason to Kiss? Here are 8!

It turns out that kissing is more that just a sweet way to express your love for your special person. It also has all sorts of health benefits. Do you really need a list though?


7 months ago

This would be a cool machine for work

We normally associate vending machine with cheap junk food, dispensing candy bars, sodas, chips, and even pizza. But who says it can’t be used for purchasing fresh vegetables, too? That’s exactly what Farmer’s Fridge peddles. Billed as a “veggie machine,” it’s a refrigerated (all produce is kept in ideal temperatures) vending machine that sells nothing […]


9 months ago

Big Stars with Everyday Cars

Just because a celeb has fame and fortune, it doesn’t always follow that they drive top of the line, fancy cars.  Here are a few examples.


9 months ago

Winter must be near

It’s getting a little more chilly outside so who better to ring in the season that…Captain Picard?  Singing??!?